Hey Guise!!!

      So I just wrapped up my spring break. And no, I wasn't partying somewhere in the sun. I went home to EAT and SLEEP.  I'm in school for something health related so I'm always studying and rarely sleeping. And of course, I'd missed my naija food. Man must chop na. Apart from stuffing my face and snoozing, I half-read A Different Sun by Elaine Neil Orr.

      I found this book by searching the word 'Nigeria' in my public library's catalog. Yes, I said it. The book is set in the 1800s and is about an American missionary that ends up in the Yoruba part of Nigeria. I was interested in reading about Nigeria from a non-Nigerian's perspective* and I definitely thought the book was set in contemporary times when I picked it up. I usually enjoy those more. It was a good book but wasn't totally captivating. I plan on finishing it sometime in the future though.
     Also, over the break, I was jejeli shopping for chicken gizzard in Walmart with my sister. She said she was looking for foil containers and we somehow ended up on the toothpick aisle. Then, I looked up for a moment and guess who I saw. I saw Foxy P a.k.a. Philo of Tout Kitchen and African Comedians. (If you don't know him or any of the touts, please check them out. They are hilarious!)

Me et The Fox Himself. Excuse my outfit, it was just a Walmart run. 
      After I saw him sha, I started jumping and yelling. "It's Foxy P!" *covers face* My sister had to tell me to calm down. He first looked scared when he saw some girl jumping and pointing and I honestly thought he was gonna turn around. Anyway, he came over and we gisted like old friends. This might sound cliche but he's actually a cool guy. He seemed a lot shorter smaller in person. After we left Walmart, my sister and I were recounting questions we should have asked him like "Does he have a 9-5 job?" or "What is his real name?" or "Can we get free tickets to his next show?" (Awoof tins). All in all, it was a pleasure meeting him.

*I later found out that the author was born and raised in Nigeria so she's technically not "non-Nigerian."

C'est Fini!

...And like we say in Obodo Oyinbo