#FitFam Problems

      So yesterday, my classes were cancelled because snow is disturbing us over here. So I decided to join fitfam and go jogging. I'm actually planning a trip to one of the Caribbean islands later in the year and I have plans to tension them with my bikini pictures on social media. But, I digress. I wore a zip-up sports bra and may I add that I love these because they come off so easily after working out. All other kinds are a struggle to get out of.
Something like this.
       I drove to the indoor track at my school and cued my Naija music. As soon as  I started jogging, I felt the zipper unraveling. I tried to grab it but it was too late. Thankfully, nobody else was on the track at the time. So, I literally gathered my breasts and went in search of a bathroom. The devil is a liar. So, I searched for a bathroom for a good minute and all the bathrooms suddenly disappeared into thin air. See me see trouble o. Who sent me?
They don't want you to get a summer body.
      I lowkey started to panic. I thought about just going straight to my car to sort things out but I had to get through a sea of people to do that. While I was panicking, I saw this stairwell. I looked around for cameras and people and no one was in sight. That's how I ended baring my breasts to fix my bra in public. I thank Baba God nobody walked by because if anyone did, issolova Jackie. Thanks God our generation is too lazy tot take the stairs.

Yesterday's summary

Today's summary. Yay! I burned an extra calorie in less steps.

P.S. The bra ended up holding up for the rest of the workout.


  1. Hahaha!! I love how you narrated the story. If this ever happened to me, I'm not sure what I'd do. I do workout at home, for the most part. So, it shouldn't be a problem. Ha. I'm glad you were able to finish your workout in peace! Cute sports bra!

    1. Thank You!! My goal is to transition to working oout at home. I just need to find the motivation.

  2. Adam and eve were naked without shame. Naked we were born and naked shall we return home. So nothing spoil. All's wee dear Naija babe Abroad. I like your blog.