Naija Girl Abroad Goes To Naija: Getting to Naija

This is a multiple part series of my trip to Nigeria this summer. It's going to be a recount of  my experiences as well as mini-reviews. I stayed in Ibadan and Lagos throughout my trip.I thank God for journey mercies I'm also grateful for the time I got to spend with friends and family. To see all the posts, click here.

Getting to Naija

     Going home, I was excited and dreading my long flight. I had a 7 hour stopover and I was traveling ALONE. Since I was alone though, I passed time by people-watching. I immediately recognized my Naija people and trust me, we were REPRESENTING!!!. I saw people looking like they shopped right of a catalog with Brazilian hair on fleek. Different designers logos were flying in my face. And of course most people had on obviously brand new things. I wonder how things like these contribute to the notion that "living outside Nigeria = automatically being made"
      On the plane, I was reminded of how uncomfortable airplane seats are and how nasty and uncomfortably small those bathrooms are. I wondered how bigger people manage to fit in those bathrooms. Must be a pain. A big step-up from last time I flew was that they had Psquare on the music playlist of the plane's entertainment center. They had no gospel though. A lot of people got drunk on the airplane liquor though including the guys behind me and had a loud conversation in Russian or Dutch the whole flight.
Airport Food is definitely betterthan the food on the airplane.This croissant was delish!
     I have to say Nigerians are truly impatient by nature and I'll talk more about this in the rest of this series. Almost everyone on the plane got up as soon as the plane landed and were ready to be on their way off the plane. The pilot informed us that the gate wasn't working so our plane had to be towed to the terminal. While being towed, a discussion broke out on the situation of Nigeria and how President Buhari was the change Nigeria needs (this was a day before his swearing in). I couldn't help noticing the Caucasian expatriate beside me just shaking his head like he's heard this too many times.
     We finally got off on the tarmac and had to take a flight of stairs up into the airport. Of course, the heat was like no other both outdoors and indoors even though multiple AC units were on. I was just glad to be home.

To be continued...


  1. I can soooo relate to this post: the Nigerians going home dripping in designer brand names, and the impatience. I can always recognize my fellow Nigerians because we'll be the ones with oversize and overweight luggage as well!

    As a bigger person I can tell you that airplane bathrooms are horrid! Forget big people, what about mothers who need to change a baby's diaper: it's nearly impossible! I always thank my God that my bladder has a decent capacity meaning sometimes I can avoid using the bathrooms more than once, if at all.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

    1. Yes, the over-sized bags filled to the brim!! Seems like it's impossible to pack light as a Nigerian. And people dare to go Number 2 in those airplane bathrooms. Thanks for stopping by.
      P.S. You are one of my favorite bloggers.