Happy Easter; What I gave up for Lent.

     Happy Easter!! Halleluyah, Jesus is risen. And yes, I know I'm LATE but you will sha forgive me. This post was supposed to be up by Easter Sunday but school life got in the way. I hope everyone's Easter went well. For everyone that got a break, I'm so jealous.


      In preparation for Easter this year, I decided to participate in giving up something for lent. I am no catholic but I did spend my most formative years in a catholic primary/elementary school. So I decided to give up social media. Meaning no Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for forty days!


     I deleted the social media apps off my phone. I didn't have to block them on my computer because I rarely use it for social networking. I definitely got tempted though cause people decided to tag me, message me, like my pictures (I dropped one ghen-ghen picture on Facebook right before lent) and re-pin my pins. I only know they did because I got e-mail notifications. Also, I met this guy, we'll call him Kwame (hopefully I can do a post on him later). The day I met him, I searched up his Facebook profile (you guys do it too) but his profile was one of those you have to be logged in to view. So of course, I logged into my sister's Facebook and checked him out. Lastly, over spring break I went on my sister's account cause I was bored but she quickly told me to get off. Apart from those slip-ups, I did pretty good with staying off MY social media accounts.


      My goal with deleting social media was to "guard my heart", spend more time reading the bible and just being in God's presence. I'll be honest and say I didn't achieve as much as I would have liked. Also, my Bible plan was on the book of Chronicles  during lent which has a LOT of genealogy so it took a lot of time to get through. Overall, I'm glad I challenged myself and stuck to it and I ask for grace in the future to actually make the best use of the period of lent.

What did you give up for lent?

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C'est Fini!


  1. 40 days?????? You should have added fasting and prayer........ lolz

    Great Blog you have here......

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    1. I had to take beginner steps...Thank You! And I'll be sure to visit :)

  2. Interesting read, and thanks for the visit!

  3. Interesting read, and thanks for the visit!