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If only my hair would do this.

     Sometime this week at work, a co-worker approached me to make small talk and she proceeded to converse about my hair. (I got Senegalese twists done on my trip to Nigeria.) She started with "Your hair!!" and asked me who braided it. I looked up at her, a bit skeptical about where the conversation was going. Then she continued, "How you wash it?" I went ahead to tell her that I don't usually wash my twists and  her face gradually started to look mortified. So, I then went on to explain that if I were to wash my twists, I would only wash the scalp so the twists wouldn't unravel. She ended up looking even more confused and left with an "Oh..." I understand where she's coming from. Being Asian, she's probably washed her hair everyday of her life and cannot even fathom anything else. In that moment, I wished I was on of those "hair-conscious" people who could give her a whole lecture about black hair.

In other news, Happy Independence Day USA!


  1. That must have been awkward. Enjoy the holiday and best wishes!

  2. Yes indeed it was. Thank you, I'm enjoying my three-day weekend already.

  3. Happy Independence Day!

    Our hair really could not be more different from Asian hair, and even though you may not think so, I bet you've educated her at least a little bit. By opening the dialogue you may have a future opportunity to explain the differences between Asian and African hair. I used to wash my hair every day and I realize how how much damage I did!

  4. Lol, it's really hair palava. Just saw your blog Link and followed. Nice blog


    1. Thank You Doreen :) I'll make sure I check out yours too.